Avocado Mist Conditioner Detangler 32oz

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Weightless moisturizing conditioner for mane, tail and body
* Maintains moisture balance within hair shaft and reduces breakage
* With botanical extracts and aloe vera
* Silicone-free, anti-static, alcohol-free, non-toxic and cruelty-free!
* 100% guaranteed
* Made in the USA
Avocado Mist – A botanical leave-on conditioning spray that maintains moisture balance within hair shaft, preventing coat from becoming dry, brittle and breaking off. Shines, detangles and conditions mane, tail and body with a formula that combines extracts of avocado and aloe vera. This weightless formula detangles without the heaviness common in most conditioners while replenishing natural oils lost in shampooing. Promotes a healthy silky shine and eases grooming. Can be used wet or dry. Silicone-free, anti-static, alcohol-free and non-toxic. For horses, ponies, mares and foals. pH balanced.

Directions: Apply lightly on mane, tail and body. Not for human use.

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