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Unlike so many others, our washes DO NOT NEED WARM/HOT WATER for effective in cleaning, they have DEODORIZERS built in (no need for another product), they are DETERGENT FREE, they are MADE FOR HORSE BLANKETS…not tents, shoes, other outer wear (since we know tents don’t worn on the back of a horse…why would a tent wash work for horse blankets?)

Ultimately as a horse laundry owner, and horse owner, I have find that horse blankets are not being cared for as they should be, partially because there is no easily accessible product to help appropriately care for your or your clients horse wear. This includes, but never limited to: saddle pads, girths, turn out blankets, fly sheets, stable blankets, wraps, and hoods. Now there is a safe product, and we have companies that are actually voiding warranties if the horse or pet item is not washed in Blanket Safe.

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