Micro Tek Equine Shampoo 32 oz

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Micro-Tek Shampoo – For horses with skin problems. The fastest acting skin problem shampoo ever developed! Combines ingredients to create the healthiest environment for healing. Use with Micro-Tek Spray and/or Gel. Soothes on contact. Will not burn or sting open wounds. Recommended for use on genital areas. Contains no soap or harsh detergents. Non-toxic. pH balanced.

Contains 0.2% triclocarban.

Directions: Put 2 or 3 oz shampoo in bucket and wash entire horse as normal. Leave shampoo on 2-3 minutes before rinsing. Then put shampoo on wet sponge and wash affected areas, leave on 5-7 minutes and rinse off thoroughly. Spray affected areas with Micro-Tek Spray 1-2 times daily. Repeat shampooing weekly. Caution: Do not use with medicated products, particularly iodine or betadine products. Swelling may occur. Not for human use.

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